15th Annual Workshop of
The Australasian Language Technology Association

Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia

6th - 8th December 2017


Tutorials will take place on 6th December, immediately before the ALTA and ADCS workshops. These tutorials feature advanced methods in text processing, and will be pitched to a general audience. All workshop participants are encouraged to attend, both students and staff.

Title: Active Learning ... and Beyond! 🚀


This half-day session will take participants through situations they might face applying Natural Language Processing to real-world problems. We’ll choose a canonical task (text classification) and focus on the main issue that faces practitioners in green fields projects --- where does the data come from? Our aim is to equip participants with the theoretical background and practical skills to quickly build high-quality text classification models.

Tutorial Presentation: Ben Hachey

Tutorial Development: Ben Hachey, Will Radford, Bo Han

Part 1: From Zero to Hero

Part 2: Live Shared Task

Part 3: Wild Blue Yonder